Vacation Day 2…

day 2 included the major endeavor of staining the deck; then i mowed the lawn and bob pulled weeds. seems much less vacation-y than day 1, but staining the deck was probably two years overdue.

deck staining
“Bob hard at work.”

we wrapped up the evening at the Sandbar with dinner, drinks, and a surprise “karaoke” concert — which was actually kinda fun.  (btw, since this is a blog, and since this is vacation, i will take full liberties and use sloppy grammar like “kinda.”)

Vacation Day 1…

IMG_4994had a lovely day…

closed shop early, hit the road, opened the house, and had a beverage.

bob unpacked and tom did his typical “rounds” — assessing what foliage had grown in the last couple weeks (besides weeds).

had dinner at The Lighthouse. (clam chowder. yum.) built and enjoyed a small fire. then a brief soak in the jacuzzi.

not too bad for day 1.

Two parts pine. One part bourbon. Shake. Serve up.