April Showers Bring May Flo…Foundation Work

So after getting three bids across the course of one and a half years, we finally pulled the trigger to have a contractor address some foundation, masonry, and drainage concerns that had been causing some periodic moisture issues in the basement. Better to nip the issue in the bud, rather than waiting for it to rain cats and dogs. (Do you think I could squeeze on more cliche metaphor into that sentence?)

Anyhoo, the contractor just wrapped the project right before our typical Brokeback Memorial-week “staycation,” so here are a few pics of the project…

before (north side)
trench in progress
french drain awaiting install
displaced dirt and timbers

So, you’ll have to wait for more updates on the North side, as we are hard at work replacing landscaping timbers, dirt, and flag-stone, which probably won’t be done until far into summer. On the upside, the South side of the house just needed a little drainage-system work and a new concrete barrier, so that side is done and requires zero post-project owner clean-up. Yahoo.

before (south side)
and after

Dropping the Drop Ceiling

Long time coming, but the ceiling needed to come down. About 11 sheets down and just 1 to go. Next up, sanding the walls, new electrical, and painting the ceiling. Stay tuned…

getting started
almost done

Part II: Started painting the exposed boards and after about a day’s work decided that we would rather put up some drywall between the cross beams for a more “finished” look…

attempting to paint
starting the drywall

Spring 2016

Somehow spring has come and gone in a blink of an eye. In addition to some of the typical chores to get Brokeback Cabin ready for summer visitors, Bob and Tom have had a few “extra” projects…

Parking Pad

getting a new cement parking pad;

Rice Porch Rocker

getting a Rice-family porch rocker soda-blasted and powder coated (thanks Bob and Lanie for the great Christmas gift); and

Sandbar Bloody Mary

fooling the staff at the Sandbar that we’re “special.”

Looking forward to seeing many of you this summer! – B&T

Vacation Day 8…

up earlyish and handed over the pontoon to the marina for repairs — check.

pontoon picture

planted (bob’s) family heirloom tomatoes — check. (that’s my new gnome in the background.)

tomato picture

good day. not over yet.

Vacation Day 7…

despite an hour of work-work this morning, today was the laziest vacation day yet.

lazy morning. lazy lunch at Prime. lazy shopping and bought a yard gnome at a resale shop(pe). then a lazy lounge on the back deck.


tonight dianna/jeff and the kids are popping in to drop off the dog “biscuit” as they head to michigan for a long weekend.

then a lazy dinner and a lazy jacuzzi. quite a lovely day.

Vacation Day 6…

okay, so i failed to post yesterday, so doubling up today. more chores in the morning (continued working on dock and bob went crazy with the shop vac to the back patio and the pontoon).

then i did about 2 hours of work-work.

early evening dean drove in from the city for a 2-day getaway. we went to The Lighthouse for dinner. and we closed the night with a couple cycles in the jacuzzi. (did i mention beverages?)

Vacation Day 5…

mad max posterstarted the morning with (coffee and cinnamon bread and) a few chores. nature called a “rain day” so Mad Max Fury Road it was.

Vacation Day 4…

alrighty, day 4  starts with breakfast at George’s, then bob dives into planting the annual planters (and forces me to plant 3 hanging baskets as well).

as bob continues to plant, i decide to shore-up the dock which is getting pretty rickety after the brunt of the lake ice. needless to say, despite my good intentions and hard work, this has turned into a two day project. (so guess what i’m doing tomorrow.)

and then, because i am pretty sure it is a law  for Memorial Day, we grilled. kept it simple: dogs, potato salad, and chips. easy breezy.

p.s. sincere respect and gratitude to all our fallen soldiers.

Vacation Day 3…

day 3 started with more weeding (bob) and draining/refilling the hot tub (tom).  libby was less than interested in helping out.

bob weeding
More Bob chores.
Lazy Libby.

next on the list was shrimp quesadillas and chiles rellenos (yum) for lunch at Tequila’s in crown point.  then onto a chore-based shopping spree at Niemeyer’s (flowers), Great Escape (chemicals), Jo-Ann Fabric (you guessed it, fabric or marine-grade vinyl rather), and Lowe’s (potting soil).

enjoying a beverage now and then off to dinner shortly.  perhaps George’s?

Two parts pine. One part bourbon. Shake. Serve up.